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Two Penn’orth


I’m not sure the case is proven, but I came across this theory from Tetsuya Nagai as to how the Moai might have walked by themselves.

This is only a small model. And he’s gone on to make a larger version, but I’m not sure whether he’s progressed onto megalithic specimens.

The biggest limitation with this theory is that it relies upon gravity (note that in the video, the Moai walks down a slope). That might not be too much of a problem, however. The final destination of many of the Moai seems to be the coast which, by its nature, is the lowest level on the island.

I’m also not sure how (or if) the thing might be steered. Maybe reins attached to the ends of the yoke.

But I like the idea. And I like the video.

They make it look easy

Researchers take a replica Moai for a walk by gently rocking it from side to side - demonstrating a new theory of how the giant stone heads of Easter Island were moved.

Read more about moving huge rocks… Wally Wallington does it single handed.